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Internet tennis with Greg – the “It is likely that…” series

Posted by Euan Bennet on 04/08/2014

I’ve been inspired/shamed into writing again by Greg starting his blog in recent weeks (), and since there are now only six weeks to go it seems timely to focus on certain common arguments and misconceptions. As always, the evidence to dispel many prevailing myths exists in abundance, but since most counter-arguments cannot be boiled down to a soundbite they are not well known.

This series is one which I’ve had the idea for since late 2013, but kept putting off writing it until it seemed most relevant. Of course, now it might be a wee bit late… At the heart of it the intention is to burst the myth that what the current SNP Government says now will hold forever after independence. In fact, a Yes vote will turn Scotland into a true democracy for the first time ever. As I have previously written, most citizens (or rather, subjects) of the United Kingdom find the idea of actual democracy to be pretty radical because it is so unlike their life-long experience, and therefore it is understandable that some people cannot comprehend the core concept and simply reject it without consideration.

Before we continue there is one rather large caveat for the entire series: this is personal speculation based on the available evidence. I don’t have a crystal ball that can see into the future, and neither does anyone else. There is a huge difference between me saying something is “likely” and showing my working as to how I arrived at the conclusion, and claiming something is “certain” which I am absolutely not doing here.