This blog is an attempt to collect together the cold, hard facts of the independence debate that tend to be missing, and are missed, from public perception and everyone outside the highly politically engaged. Members of the public who are undecided about the referendum have been crying out for more information – most of which is already out there, but scattered around the internet.

About me – Euan Bennet (@JuanBonnets)

Twenty-something research scientist from Glasgow, finally getting round to typing my ramblings up and inflicting them upon the unsuspecting folk of the internet.

I may also occasionally write about science, music, video games or board games, or anything else that comes to mind.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. bjsalba

    Devolved powers doesn’t include police but most folks think they are devolved. I knnow armed police follow UK direction, so what else is semi-devolved.
    I think fines fines from the justice system also go south, can you confirm?
    I believe we have railways but not rail Franchises?
    All the ‘powers’ we have seem to have strings leading to London. Shouldn’t the poster show that?

  2. Alex

    Some decent posts about the referendum, but with the vote coming next week I was wondering when you were going to get around to bit with science and facts and the like that the title promises?


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