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Devolved and reserved powers

Posted by Euan Bennet on 02/05/2014

This lovely infographic appeared earlier in the week, designed by Stewart Bremner. It’s quite eye-opening to see exactly how little power is devolved to the Scottish Parliament compared to the powers reserved by Westminster.

Devolved and reserved powers

This week the media has stepped up their personal attacks to new levels. The BBC have also started promoting a suspiciously astro-turfed (that’s fake grass roots in case of any doubt) group who have suddenly appeared campaigning for a No vote based on emotion and shared history. Stepping away from the media circus into the rational world, the above infographic shows what the referendum is actually about. Go through each one of the reserved powers (in particular) and ask yourself ‘Who would I rather have making these decisions that affect my life?’. Is it Westminster, where the population of Scotland has 4% influence? Or Holyrood, where every decision is 100% under the control of the people who live in Scotland (and therefore live with the consequences, good or bad).

And of course, there’s the issue of better democracy that is inextricably tied to this.