Johann Lamont punches through the bottom of the barrel…

Posted by Euan Bennet on 26/02/2014

The full title of this piece is Johann Lamont punches through the bottom of the barrel at the bottom of the rabbit hole underneath the first barrel. Again.

“We’re not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions”

Full context can be found here, if you can stomach sitting through the wall of noise Lamont produces in lieu of actual democratic debate.

Just when you think that what’s been said can’t possibly be beaten, Johann “Wee Things” Lamont comes up with another belter. Recall that this is the person who aspires to be First Minister of Scotland, with the responsibility of representing Scotland to the World that comes with that. Recall also that this is the person who argued against universal public services by claiming that Scotland was a “something for nothing” society, before trying to rewrite history and pretend that she didn’t actually say it.

More recently in Parliament she described Trident, the bedroom tax, illegal wars and other major issues as “wee things”.

But let’s return to that quote from last night.

“We’re not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions”

No doubt some will claim that she “didn’t mean” to say it, as they did with the other examples above. Is that a reasonable defence? Not, I would argue, for someone in her position. Recall that she aspires to be First Minister of Scotland. Even though her preferred version of that position is to remain subservient to her London masters. (a bizarre position adopted by all Unionist MSPs: in how many other professions would you find people arguing vehemently against their own promotion, with such vitriol and willingness to do down themselves and their friends and family?)

Even if she didn’t mean to say it, she has form with using particularly ugly language, such as when she whole-heartedly adopted the language of fascism. So if we examine what she meant by the latest comment, can we conclude that Lamont not only thinks of around 40% of the people of Scotland are a “virus” but that also she believes Scots are a genetically inferior species? It would certainly explain why she and other Unionists argue that Scots are uniquely incapable of running our own affairs.

Regardless of the intent, bringing genetics into the debate is unhelpful and potentially nasty. It is a fantastic example of one of the worst cases of Cringe that has ever been exhibited. It also completely misses the entire point of the referendum: that being that the people best able to decide Scotland’s future are the people that live and work here, regardless of their origin. 

Here is a much more appropriate quote:

“it isn’t important where you come from, what matters is where we are going together as a nation” – Bashir Achmed (said in 1995, before he became Scotland’s first Muslim MSP)

Back to Lamont’s infantile (by comparison) utterance: given that the only reason that we have a referendum is because the 2011 election resulted in an overall majority for the SNP. Given that several high-profile Labour politicians have claimed that the Mixed-member Proportional Representation electoral system was chosen explicitly to prevent such an outcome, the outcome of that election was no accident. The SNP majority is a result of them achieving overwhelming support in all eight electoral regions of Scotland: even a slight reduction in support in just one region would result in a total of fewer than 65 seats. Yes, I am enough of an anorak to have played with the numbers to confirm this, at the time of the election.

Now obviously support for the SNP does not necessarily correlate to support for independence, but it certainly does correlate to support for having a referendum. We wouldn’t be here today if the electorate didn’t know what they are doing. That alone is evidence enough to disprove Johann Lamont’s claim (whether she meant it or not), and possibly explains why she seems to be so angry all of the time.


One thought on “Johann Lamont punches through the bottom of the barrel…

  1. Action Crankie

    If I recall correctly, saying that an entire genetic subset is inferior is the language of fascism too, so really I’m just being consistent.


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