From love-bombing to carpet-bombing

It’s been an interesting week for the independence debate. Last week David Cameron gave a keynote speech at the London Olympic velodrome (showing his connection with Scotland there) entreating citizens from all over the UK to contact friends and family in Scotland and tell them how much they want us to stay. The best response to this plea by far was from the Artist Taxi Driver in the video above, warning: strong language.

A compilation of responses from a small and unrepresentative number of people on social media can be found here. Faith in humanity was restored marginally.



Today a “senior coalition source” stated that Westminster may ignore the referendum result if negotiations don’t go their way. This is an astonishing admission, as James Kelly has noted on Scot Goes Pop¬†there is a word for a government that overrides the democratic will of the people in its own interests: dictatorship.

Meanwhile the change in tactics was also reflected by a small and unrepresentative number of people in the rest of the UK, as reflected in newspaper comments sections throughout the mainstream media. A particularly eloquent contribution was made in this petition to the UK Government, which has an unpleasant whiff of racism about it.

Don’t you just feel the love?

This song sums it up perfectly, and should be viewed by everyone before the referendum:


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