Defence Facts

Business for Scotland has compiled a list of defence facts, with references, as rebuttal to the latest patronising intervention by the UK defence minister. Since defence is well down my list of things to cover, and they have presented it neatly and concisely and done all the research already, they’ve saved me a job of work. Thanks!


One thought on “Defence Facts

  1. Jim Wylie

    Defence Facts
    Excellent report from Business for Scotland.
    I noticed that Philip Hammond anticipates that a great many Scottish military personnel will opt to remain with the current British Forces. While I would hope that they could be persuaded to join a Scottish Defence Force, there is no doubt some will decide not to, but I cannot see it as a problem for Scotland having 10,000+ new defence jobs to fill. It will, however, be a major problem to the remaining British Forces having a large number of Scots on their books at a time when they will have to be making cuts of up to 10%.


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